PVS MMOs: A Quick Look at DC Universe Online

Before even playing this all I can think is “I hope this game doesn’t suck, and is only popular because it’s superheroes.

Initial Impression: Holy crap ton of character creation options, Batman!

Graphics: Pretty good. They’re smooth, stylish, and really fit what a comic-book world should look like. I’m actually really impressed. Combined with the countless customization options and the fact that they load smoothly like individual items, not just colored templates, I’m thoroughly impressed.

User Interface: The user interface is fine. The controls however, a little weird. Unlike most games where you click to adjust the camera with the mouse, your camera and character’s direction is always following the mouse. I can’t really determine if it’s good or not, but is taking some time to get used to. Your mouse buttons are also used as your melee and ranged attacks. You still have spells in addition. It feels more like a first person shooter or fighting (read but-ton-mash-er) to be honest, than a standard MMO I’m used to. Tip: Turn on auto-target in the option menu.

Performance: Took almost 3 days to download, since the downloaded stopped it and required manual restart each time the net dropped for a second. However, once the game started up it ran just fine; No noticeable lag or extended loading times.

Things I Liked: The Character Customization, hands down, was freaking awesome. I spent almost 35 minutes customizing my character. Then to find out once in game, you can also have additional suits/costumes/what have you. This is pretty cool, and I imagine useful for those who want to RP as a superhero.

Flying around Gotham beating up cops and freeing criminals is pretty cool too (yeah, I totally chose a villain).

Things I Didn’t Like: I can’t think of anything really. The mouse controls are weird, and takes some time getting used to but that’s about it.

Conclusion: Though I can’t say anything negative about the game, I don’t think I’m going to make this my standard everyday game. I love the open world idea, and especially flying around beating up good guys, but I can only see that going so far and the mouse controls are tiring on the wrist (yes, that might mean I’m old). It’s fun and I highly recommend that people try it, but it’s not what I’m looking for right now.

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