The Lost Shores Schedule Revealed, Plan Accordingly

Hiya Players! With the coming of the ‘next big thing’ in Guild Wars 2 being The Lost Shores, we were given a little more information this week on when it’s going to start and what to expect. The event will start on November 16th at 3:00 PM EST in Lion’s Arch and run through to the 18th. On the 17th at 3:00 PM EST, the second phase will start – Even if you miss these kick-off times you can still do the events.

The Lost ShoreThe grand finale of The Lost Shores event will be on Nov 18th at 3:00 PM and will start the One Time Only world event. You’ll need to be online in order to do this. The lasting results of the weekend will remain in-game permanently.

As far as exactly what content we’re going to have, it’s pretty vague. What information we do have on The Lost Shores has come from a recent interview on MMORPG from Colin Johanson, interviewed by the fabulous Pokket. He stated there will be a “brand new type of dungeon that gets perpetually harder the farther you get into it” and is a “really big dungeon with a ton of different levels to it”. This sounds hopeful, perhaps it will give something for PVE players to ‘progress’ on. Even if this isn’t going to be a raid with 10 or more players, having a long dungeon to trudge though can fill in the slot if it’s done well. We’ll see how that works though.

Colin also mentioned that there will be a new sPVP map that will be ‘beta’ tested on the live server. Though he didn’t include many details, he said if people like it then it could be added to the rotation – I’m really looking forward to this.

With the idea of a new dungeon, a new sPVP map and an event with god-knows-what in it; The Lost Shores is shaping up to be a pretty interesting weekend. What are your thoughts, Have you planned accordingly?

Sources: Schedule & Colin Johanson Interview

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