The Lost Shores Intro Event

Hiya Players! We just got done killing the first wave of Karka to invade Lion’s Arch in Guild Wars 2’s The Lost Shores event. For those that might have missed it, a quick summary:

  • It took place at the Lighthouse.
  • We saw a video, then had to fight Karka
  • To defeat the egg layers, you needed to kill their babies. After killing thier babies, the egg layers died.
  • Once all of the egg layers died, we were told to kill the Ancient Karka, but dude ran off.
  • We saw another video.

That’s about it. It’s now the goal of all players to find out “WTF just happened?!”. Head to Ellen Kiel or Levvi to get going on the next steps, which should (hopefully) be open to everybody. Alternatively, head over to Tyrro to find out what’s up with the rifts.
Side note: That lag was crazy!

Hit the Jump for the vid.

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