PVS GW2: Player VS Player (PVP)

Battle of the FoeFireGood Morning Players. Today we’re going to take a look at player vs player (PVP) in Guild Wars 2. Arenanet did an extremely good job with PVE, but was smart enough to do even better for their player killing friends as well. GW2 has two primary types of PVP: World VS World (WvW) and Structured PVP (sPVP). Both prove to have their own challenges and play styles to appeal to most people. Let’s drill into the details for a rundown.

Structured PVP

Firstly, to get into sPVP you need to head to the Heart of the Mists. The easiest way is to go to your hero panel (H), click on the PVP icon at the bottom (two swords) then click the Heart of the Mists button. Alternatively, you can take a portal from any major city.
Structured PVP can be most similarly compared to as battlefields or warzones in other MMO. These fights are instanced and do not affect your character outside of the match they’re in. There are two types of sPVP, but both are pretty similar in how they’re played. One is a regular type and the other tournament. Play styles are the same, rewards are bit different. The basic idea is that tournament is targeted more at those who are serious about it. It also has a bit more structure. The basics are as follow:

  • There are two teams, having up to 8 players each. The game tries to balance it out, but not always that well.
  • The goal of each game is to be the first team to reach 500 points.
  • Points are obtained by capturing and holding specific sections of the map, as well as killing players. This is most similar to ‘capture the hill’; or for Warcraft players Arathi Basin.
  • To capture a point, you simply need to stand in the highlighted area for a period of time. If there is a member of the other team in there as well, the point can neither be taken or lost – It remains neutral.
  • Holding more capture points mean you gain more points towards your score quicker.
  • Expect a lot of zerging.
    • World VS World

      To enter into WvW, simply press B on your keyboard. This will show you the current world’s score, and allow you to choose which of the battlefields you want to fight on – Eternal is usually the most populated, but all have the same goal. World VS World in reality should be called WvWvW, as there are three worlds fighting. Unlike sPVP, WvW involves three servers that just duke it out over a course of two weeks to gather the most resources and take over the most land. There are multiple settlements on the map – such as castles, villages and even islands – that can be controlled by worlds and contributes towards their weekly earnings. These battles are truly massive and can have hundreds of people in them at any given time. One of the most appealing aspects of WvW is the variety of things to do to help your world. Most people who first get into it just run head-first into a mob of enemy players and they just fight back and forth; If that’s what you like go for it. However you could also go take resources from a nearby village and bring them back to your nearest hold. Using resources, you can build siege weapons and help take more land from the enemy. Or you could just run around and get the vistas for experience.


      In both you WvW and sPVP, your character will automatically get scaled up to level 80. The difference here is that in WvW it will be your PVE character scaled up with the same traits; whereas sPVP is not. In sPVP, you get a separate trait set (which you can reset for free as much as you like) and you can purchase whatever gear you want from the vendors. In sPVP, you can’t “out gear” a player, as everybody has access to the same stats on gear – Gear you ‘earn’ is merely cosmetic. In WvW, you can out-gear the other person since better gear will still scale higher (Example: A level 10 pair of boots with +5 power will go to +40 power @80, where as a level 10 pair of boots with +2 power will go to 16 power @80). That said, dying in WvW will cost you to repair whereas sPVP does not.

      The play style of both are going to be quite different as well. WvW is all about long term accomplishment and working well together as a team; There isn’t a whole lot of progress you can make solo. Fighting you generally don’t want to die, and high-risk maneuvers don’t get you very far. In sPVP, it’s about getting the capture points and getting everything done first; A single player can easily capture a point when somebody isn’t looking.

      Which type you like more will be all about what taste you have, but I recommend trying out both. If you’re all about the madness, go for some WvW. If you’d rather see your efforts count for a little more on a smaller scale, sPVP may be more your style.

      That’s it for what you need to know going into PVP in Guild Wars 2. What’s your favorite part of PVP in GW2? Let us know in the comments below.
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