PVS GW2: Glory Farming / Point Trading in Guild Wars 2

GW2 BorderlandsHiya Players. Today we have a follow-up to yesterday’s topic on PVP. While fighting in sPVP I ran into something strange for a warzone: Point Trading (or Glory Farming). Let me preface by saying I don’t condone this type of action or encourage it, and doing this can get you banned from Guild Wars 2 completely.

What is Glory Farming? The idea behind glory farming is simply to find the easiest way to get glory in the shortest amount of time. Today’s focus is on the method of point trading, when the two teams decide not to fight each other but instead just trade back and forth a single node. By doing this, each individual player on both side that ‘caps’ the node gets more points and thus more glory at the end of the match. In sPVP, every time you’re within a node when you capture or neutralize it, you get 10 points. Every time you change it from neutral to your color, you get another 10 points. This means if you just trade back and forth with the other team, you can quickly get 20 points in a short time therefore by the end of the match, you can get much more than you would in a normal fight. Since points are a straight 1:1 ratio glory, it can pay off. In our example video, you can see that in a regular fight I got 95 glory (a little low, but average for a defender in a PUG) versus a whopping 320 glory in the match which we were glory farming.

I did this once just to see the results since it was my first time running into it, but truthfully why bother? Benefits are only cosmetic, and it’s not much fun. Realistically, this could actually hinder a player since the groups you are paired up against are based on rank, which is based on glory. If you farmed up to a high rank, you’re going to get slaughtered when you need to fight other people of high rank. You might look good doing it, but is that worth it?

A better practice for the time being is to form a solid team, and faceroll the opposition. Heck, even camping the opposing team’s spawn point seems like a more legit practice than point trading (you get 5 points per kill, or 15 if you use a finisher). If you want to avoid making enemies but want glory quickly, just zerg around the points as a group – At least then you can’t be called a cheater.

What do you think about Glory Farming? Is point trading an acceptable practice, or should this be a bannable offense? Let me know in the comment below.

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