GW2 gets PtPVP – sPVP October Updates

Hiya Players! On Tuesday Arenanet went ahead and announced some new changes to sPVP UI and inclusion of PtPVP for all the world to enjoy. There isn’t a lot of changes being made to the playstyle itself, but more just the options PVPers have.

TPVP Tournament Browser - GW2 sPVPThe first thing that was announced is that Paid tournaments (PtPVP) are now live. These are similar to regular free tPVP, but have a few more requirements. In order to compete in a PtPVP, you must have tickets (obtained through free tPVP or purchased from the Black Lion Marketplace) as well as have a full 5-man team – No more pugging! Because the requirements are higher though, they prizes are better as well.

With the introduction of PtPVP we are also introduced to QP, or Qualifying Points. You’re able to get these by winning matches, though we’re not sure if it’s 1 point per match won or per tournament won. QP will be used as a ranking system for a leader board, so you can brag about your ‘mad skillz’. These points will also double as requirements for entrance in future PtPVP.

In addition to the big PtPVP news, we also got a few UI updates while in the Mists. For starters, we can no see the tPVP rewards on the browser when entering the tPVP queue. This is a nice addition, but I think most people all ready knew this information after the first few games they played. Secondly, the Heart of the Mists tab has been removed from the Hero panel and is now located on the minibar at the top of the screen. With this they’ve also cleaned it up a bit to give us some more info instead of just a giant circle – I’m liking it. Lastly, and quite possibly least, they’ve added rank to the scoreboard at the end of each sPVP match.

As a whole, I’m excited for the new changes. I’m not an amazing PVPer but I’d like to think I’m better than most people who just jump into it. That said I can’t see myself frequenting PtPVP as often as the more dedicated crowd, but I’m glad it’s there. However, I’m also more of a defensive player than offense which often makes me look like I’m a slacker in most HJP/sPVP matches since defenders usually don’t get that much glory. It’s nice to see a scoring system based on wins instead of just kills/caps.

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