Lunatic Inquisition in Guild Wars 2

Lunatic InquisitionHiya Players! With Halloween well on it’s way, Guild Wars 2’s Halloween events are in bloom as well. This weekend Act III started, introducing us to many new events including the Lunatic Inquisition PVP-style minigame.

The idea behind Lunatic Inquisition is simple: Survive – Think of this as a giant game of ‘hide and go seek’. Most players will start out as a villager with no skills and must try to survive for the whole 13 minutes without being killed. If a player dies, they become a courtier. Some players will start as courtiers (chosen at random) just to get the game started. Regardless of which side you end up on, you have the opportunity to win personalized trick-or-treat bags.


Villagers of Lunatic Inquisition start with only one skill, but can ick up tools such as bones and spider webs to help them survive. By far the most important thing to do though as a villager is hide. Using the skill given when a villager starts, they can go invisible for 10 seconds if they don’t move. In most cases a villager won’t win 1v1 a courtier, and it’s often better to run. When the game starts, it’s wise to group up into groups for 3-5 so that if a courtier does find you you’ll have better odds to get away. If you do choose to hide instead of run, try looking for darkened nooks to hide in, off the larger path.

The best weapon by far for a villager to group is the Hammer. These are located in the middle of the map at the top of each ramp, and are the only weapon that does not brake when used. This is also the only weapon to have two skills. The first skill hits the courtier for damage, the second skills knocks them back. I still wouldn’t suggesting taking a courtier on 1v1, but as a group you may be able to slow him down. The second best weapon is the Bone, which does damage as well as a 3 second stun.

In addition to running and hiding, in each corner of the map there is a ghost asking for resources/weapons. The first level of resources will give you food that buffs, second bar will give you small minions and third will summon a veteran to help protect villagers. This is worth doing if you can do it quick enough, and are in a group.

The last thing to watch for as a villager are the faces in the wall, with the red lights. Running by these will give away your position for a short time to everybody else on the map. These can be broken using a hammer, and will drop boulders that can be used to knock down courtiers – Though I still wouldn’t suggest wasting time doing so.


While villagers are meant to be hunted, courtiers are meant to be the hunters. Your only goal as a courtier is to find villagers and kill them, converting them to courtiers. Unlike the weak villagers, Courtiers have a full bar of skills to use. Your best two skills will be four and two. Two does a jump attack for a lot of damage if you can hit them. Four places a scarecrow on the ground and scares the villagers around, causing them to run. Using these two in combination can usually take down an unsuspecting player pretty quickly.

In addition to these, you get ‘Mad Kind says’ buttons as your utilities. Using any of these on a villager prompts them to use a corresponding action, similar to the kids’ game Simon Says. If the villager fails to do so, they lose a significant amount of health. These are very good utilities for slowing down the villager so you can catch up and kill them.

A Courtier can also pick up weapons (except hammer) and lay them down as various traps. You should do this when you run across them, if not only to prevent villagers from being able to pick them up.


As a Villager in Lunatic Inquisition, your main bulk of points are going to come from surviving. However, you can also get points by getting ‘close calls’ with courtiers, or even killing courtiers. But be careful, a dead courtier will respawn in the same place you killed it.

Lunatic Inquisition Courtiers will get the most points from killing players, and do not get ‘survival’ points. That said, you’re going to want to try and get as many of the killing blows as possible to remain at the top of the leaderboard.


This is a fun mini-game for those who are fans of horror-survival games. It’s also fun to mess with the people who were formerly on your team. I recommend everybody check Lunatic Inquisition out, even if they aren’t big into PVP.

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