Guild Wars 2’s The Lost Shores Content Revealed

Hiya Players! Today we got more information about the upcoming content release The Lost Shores including a better breakdown of the timeline as well as more details on exactly what to expect as far as the content goes.

The Lost Shore Karka BossFirstly, the schedule:
November 16th @ 12:00PM PST (3PM EST) we’ll be defending Lion’s Arch from a new form of enemy, the Karka. This is expected to be more research than defense.

November 17th @ 12:00PM PST (3PM EST) we’re tasked with trying to take Lion’s Arch back (guess we lost on the 16th), as well as take the war to the Karka by attacking their home island.

November 18th @ 12:00PM PST (3PM EST) will be the big coup de grĂ¢ce as we fight with the big boss of the Karka. This is expected to by a ginormous one-time world-event – So make sure to be there.


Upcoming PVE

The upcoming The Lost Shores content that we’re getting with this update seems to be appeasing to any player. To start, there is a new PVE zone, Southsun Cove, which is to be expected to have some dynamic quests and some story quest lines to help move the lore along for this new race. This area is expected to stick around after the weekend’s events.

We also have a new dungeon named Fractals of the Mists to explore. Unlike previous formats of the GW2 dungeons, this dungeon will have multiple fractals that you can go through that will get harder as you progress through them. In short, you’ll get three random sections of a dungeon (of a possible nine) to complete. Once you make it through this fractal, or circuit of three, you’ll be sent back to the beginning to start the process again at a higher difficulty. This new method is seemingly infinite in it’s difficulty scaling, so should give those hardcore players something to do end-game. This is a welcome change to the standard dungeons as we see them, and should prove to give PVE players a way to rate themselves versus their peers based on how far they can make it. The only question I have is will they be instanced so that you can leave and come back to them at the same place/difficulty later, or will you need to start at the easier difficulty each time you enter? Only time will tell.

Upcoming PVP

The Lost Shore PVP Temple of the Silent StormThe Lost Shores has not forgotten about those who enjoy player killing; For the PVP’ers out there, you’re getting a new PVP map named Temple of the Silent Storm. This new map will be more vertical than other sPVP maps and have an additional NPC that you can kill (or try to at least) to instantly take over all nodes in your favor. This should be an interesting map and spice up the typical ‘zerg’ mentality that many sPVP teams currently have, and instead make the team think about alternate possibilities to win. As a primarily ranged fighter, I’m looking forward to a map where I can get the drop on my enemies.

But Wait, There’s More!

And lastly, but not least, for the first time since launch ArenaNet has implemented the ability for players to Invite others for a free trial. Each GW2 player can send out up to 3 invites, but the invites will only be good from November 15th @ 9:00 AM PST (12PM EST) until the evening of November 18th. This will let you show off the wonders of The Lost Shores event to the new player, can convince them to purchase the game. You can find the invite option under your Account page from the GW2 homepage. Be sure to get your invites out quickly since they will be limited and the client can take awhile to download for some people. If you’re looking for an invite, hit me up @PVSJeff, I’ve got a few.

Are you excited about this weekend? I know I’ve all ready sent out my notices that I’ll be busy. Let me know your views and expectations for The Lost Shores this weekend in the comments below!

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