For the First Time in Forever!

We have a post!
It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here players. I’d like to make some more posts here, time and content allowing, but work and actually playing always gets in the way. How Rude! We have a pretty active group over on Google + though, for all your playing needs.

So on to business: Players have been spending some time in Guild Wars 2, our fantastic little guild Merely Players has been tackling the world of Tyria one challenge at a time. Our most recent impromptu event was in Fractals of the Mist. Having only 2 level 80s, we downed the Fractals. Was a long battle, but we made it.

We actually have another event set for tonight starting at 7 PM MTN, we’ere tackling some more dungeons. IF you’re around, feel free to shoot me off a whisper @ Egogen.6385 .

Stay tuned, there will be more posts to follow…eventually.

(And because it’s in your head: Here)

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