Flipping items on the Black Lion Trading Post

GoldmemberHiya Players! Today I’m going to give a quick run down on the idea of ‘flipping’ items on the Black Lion Trading Post (BLTP) in Guild Wars 2. Flipping is the action of buying an item for one price, and reselling it for a higher price to make a profit. This can actually be a fairly profitable venture for those willing to put a little bit of time into it. On the flip side, you can also make money by just letting it sit. It’s all about how you active you feel like being. Let’s get going.

First and foremost you’ll need to have money to start flipping stuff. It doesn’t need to be a lot of money, but you’re going to want to have around 1g worth that you can use to start investing; This will usually let you get into some of the lower markets. If you’re still short on cash keep playing a little bit longer. By the time you get around level 30 in PVE content you should have a little more money to play with. I caution not to over extend yourself too much, and make sure you always have enough money for transportation and repairs.

The Concept
Cautionary measures aside, let’s have a look at the general concept of how you’re going to flip something through the trading post. The most successful way to do this is by placing a custom buy order for an object, waiting for it to be filled by somebody who wants the cash immediately, then listing it for a higher value. Those who then want the item immediately are going to pay more for it, and you get the difference in profit.


  • Regal Dye is currently selling instantly for 33s.
  • You place a custom order for Regal Dye, and are offering to pay 22s for it. The trading post will take your money, and you wait.
  • An hour later Bob gets a Regal Dye that he doesn’t need and is looking to sell it. Being a newb, he wants the cash immediately so fills your order, takes the 22s and you get the Regal Dye.
  • You take the Regal Dye, and in turn put it back up for 32s 95c and wait.
  • Twenty minutes later Judy decides she wants a regal dye right now and can’t wait, so buys yours for 32s 95c.
  • After all the sales taxes and listing fees (15%), you’re given 28s 1c for the sale.
  • You made a profit of 6s 1c.

    The concept is fairly easy: You wait, you make more money eventually. Of course, that’s all theory. The key is feeling your market. You may get something for less, but if you end up with a surplus of items that aren’t moving it was a bad investment. The key is to start small and know when to wait, or cut your loses.

    Finding Your Price Points

    S= Your Selling price
    B= Your Buying price

    To break even on the sale of an item, you’ll need to be selling it for at least 15% more than you bought it for. To do so, take the price your bought it for and divide it by 0.85.
    S = B/0.85

    Example: If you bought an item (greatsword) for 35s
    S = B/0.85
    S = 35/0.85
    S = 41.176 = 41.18
    You would need to sell it for at least 41s 18c to break even.

    You can also do this in reverse (though I find I use this less often). From Sale price, find out what the highest you should be buying at is.
    B = S*0.85

    Let’s say you want to sell an item (greatsword) for 47s.
    B = S*0.85
    B = S*0.85
    B = 39.95
    The highest amount you could buy one for to break even would be 39s 95c.

    I’ve created a basic spreadsheet to help people get started, and take some of the math out of it. Simply enter the item name and the cost you paid and it will tell you what your break even point is. Then enter the cost you’re selling it at, and see how much you’ll make; If you get a negative number, then try a different item.
    Excel: Download Guild Wars 2 TP By PVSJeff
    GDrive: Download Guild Wars 2 TP By PVSJeff

    Finding Your Markets
    The keys to making money is to know your markets, and diversify. If you buy only one item to flip, not only will it take you forever to sell enough to make a substantial profit but if that item loses it’s luster you’re out of business. Spreading your money out across different things is a good way to keep things moving. Focusing on markets like resources, mastercraft items, dyes, or sigils are a good places to start. These markets usually have lower buy-in costs, and quicker turnover rates on profits. However there are also a ton of people playing these markets. None the less, they do prove profitable. Truthfully almost any market can make a profit if you play it smart and do your math correctly before you invest.

    When you first enter a market enter with caution. Buy a few different items (such as different sigils or dye colors) and see how quickly they sell and how much of a profit you make off it. If they’re not moving, move on to a different one. Find one that moves at a good pace for you and keep track of it. When you find one, stick to it and flip that item until it goes cold and no longer is profitable.

    Once you’ve got the hang of how things sell, expand into other markets. Even setting aside an afternoon to play the market can set you up for weeks if you are investing enough. In the last 24 hours, I’ve pulled over 12g in profits starting with only 50s investments. Money earns money.

    Have fun with it folks. I’d love to hear from you in the comments below, and if you like it be sure to let us know. Cheers!

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