Black Lion Trading Post Basics

Hiya Players! Today I want to write up a brief introduction to the Black Lion Trading Post (BLTP) in Guild Wars 2. It has a few extra layers to it compared to many games’ markets and I’ve heard from a few people that it’s intimidating and they don’t understand it. I understand that. Having a look around the web I’m not seeing a lot of people laying out just the basics of how it works, but instead merging the basics with money making schemes making it overly complicated Today, we’re going to cover those basics so the BLTP becomes your best friend.

BLTPIconsFirst off, know that the BLTP is region wide. This means that all NA realms are on BLTP, and all EU realms are on a BLTP; You’re not just matching realm prices but everywhere. It’s also account wide, so all your characters have the same market access. That said, let’s look at some of the functions.

The Trading post is marked on your map by a yellow circle with scales on it. You can find these in Lion’s Arch, in the WvW home base and in various locations through-out the world. Similarly, the Trading Post Traders also have these scales above their head. Alternatively, you’re able to press O (or click the lion head in your minibar) to access BLTC from anywhere in the world. Though to can access BLTC to place items up for sale from anywhere, picking up items or money from the trading post can only be done by talking to a BLTC in person.

BLTPMenuThere are a bunch of different menus within the TP, which can make it pretty daunting at first. Let’s start with a breakdown of what can be done in each menu/tab.

The Gem Store is where you can buy items such as town clothes, temporary buffs and other stuff that is mostly useless for Gems. Gems are in-game currency that are used only in this store. You can obtain gems by purchasing them with real money, or exchanging gold for them.

The Currency Exchange allows players to exchanged gems for gold, or gold for gems. This allows players that have more time than money to get things from the gem store, as well as allow players with more money than time to get in-game items. This can bring up the debate of being able to ‘pay to win’ but given the high gem to gold cost and the fact that gear doesn’t play as vital of a role in GW2, we’re going to save that discussion.

Trading Post is where you’re going to buy items. You type in the name of something, apply filters if you’d like, click, and buy.
There are two ways to buy items: Instantly, or by placing a custom offer. Both have their good and bad points.
Buying Instantly: You get it right away. However, you often pay a higher cost for the item.
Buying Custom Offer: With this method you say how much you’re willing to pay for the item and if somebody is willing to sell for that price you’ll get the item. It could take some time to find a buyer (if ever), but when you do the price it pay is often much lower. When you place a custom offer the money is taken from you and held by BLTP until completed or cancelled.

Sell on Trading Post is where you place the items you have up for sale. Much like when buying, you have options as well for selling.
Sell Instantly/Match Highest Buyer: Doing this, you’ll be completing the custom offers from those wanting to buy. You’ll get cash right away, but on some items it might be lower than if you held out a bit.
Match Lowest Seller: Sell the item for the same amount as somebody else is. Their items will be sold first, then yours. This method is not instant, and requires you to wait for a buyer.
Sell Custom Price: This let’s you set the price of the item to how much you think it’s worth, and will be listed for those trying to buy instantly. This method often gets you more money, but can take longer for a buyer to be found. This is also the choice you’d choose to undercut the current lowest seller.

  • An important thing to remember when selling is sales tax/listing fee of 15% total. When you place an item up for sale, the BLTP charges you a listing fee of 5% just for putting the item up, regardless of if it sells or not. If it sells, you get charged 10% of the sale price. To find out how much you’re actually going to make off an item after all fees, multiply your sale number by 0.85.

    If you were selling a Greatsword for 40s it would be 40*0.85 =34s.
    Alternatively 40-15% works as well.

  • Remember to watch the price NPC offer as well. An NPC might offer you 6c for an item, and the TP offer 8c, but you need to pay the sales tax on the sword selling it in the TP; You don’t with the NPC.

My Transactions will list all of your items you currently have for sale, are currently buying (custom offers), have sold, and have bought. This is also where you’ll remove sales or cancel custom orders. Cancelling sales you will not get back your 5% listing fee. Cancelling custom buy orders you will get back your money that was held for the purchase.

Pick Up is just that, Pick up. Click the button, get your stuff. This can only be done when talking to a BLTP Trader.
– – –

Well those are the basics. The important thing to remember is that with time, you usually save money.
If you Buy Instantly, Higher cost to you.
If you Sell Instantly, Less profit for you.

Thanks for reading. If this helped or if you have any questions feel free to put them in the comments below, I’d love you hear from you.

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