PVS Pokemon Black 2 Review

Pokemon Black 2 boxartHiya Players! Over this past holiday period I was fortunate enough to be gifted one of the latest in the Pokemon series, Pokemon Black 2. I don’t often like to admit it, but I’m a Pokemaniac. I may have taken a break for a bit, but with the quality of this game it’s not a wonder it’s sold so well. Let’s jump into the review.

For those who loved the old Pokemon gameplay the simplicity of starting off with a Pokemon and fighting your way through to be the best, you’ll be in luck. BW2 follows this same formula that we all know and often love. Given this is the first direct sequel Pokemon game though, it’s a little different but not enough to feel out of place. Of course with any Pokemon game, we need a Team of antagonists to get in the way of our seemingly simple rise to power. With BW2, we get another shot at Team Plasma, and the involvement with them plays through pretty well. In addition to the gym crawl and fighting back Team Plasma there was an additional amount of story content, even compared to the first BW, which was more than welcome. Comparing it to the first BW, Black 2 added enough content to the initial story for about 10 Pokemon levels before you beat the Elite Four (putting the Elite Four’s Pokemon around level 60). This change was great considering how short and easy the first BW was end-game.

Those collector types, such as myself, will also be extremely pleased with BW2. With over 300 native species available BW2 has more Pokemon than any other game to date. Of this great number, I’m happy that a great deal of them are from the first 150; making it more than familiar for an old timer like myself.

Once the story is completed, there are still some post-game rares that can be caught and additional replay ability with both the Pokemon World Tournament and the Pokemon Battle Subway. Strictly speaking of story time, you’re looking at around 20-30 hours for your first run through. Once you beat it, the Elite Four get a huge level upgrade in addition to the option of raising the overall difficulty of the game – Allowing for those ‘hardcore’ to still find a challenge.

Overall I’m satisfied with the game. Coming from thinking Pokemon Blue was the best, this game manages to hold it’s own. The only problem I still have with this, as well as most of the other Pokemon versions, is that you can’t complete the game in a single generation. With Red/Blue, you could get all the Pokemon through trading of the same version. However as the generations go on it becomes impossible to get Pokemon from the earlier generations. It’s not necessarily a gamebreaker, but can be disappointing for those of us that want to see some of the older Pokemon from days long before.

I think as a game on it’s own, Pokemon Black 2 scores an 8/10 on my scale. It’s not hard, but is time consuming without being incredibly boring. The reply value is there, and gives me something to do without thinking too much.

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