PVS Gaming: PokeMMO Alpha

PokeMMO LogoGood Morning Players! Today we’re checking out a Pokemon MMO! That’s right, I said it. Though it’s still in Alpha testing, PokeMMO showing a lot of promise. The most important thing is that it’s actually playable. Unlike many other people who have claimed to be ‘working on it’ over the years, we can actually play and enjoy this one for the time being. Based off a blend of Pokemon Red with a bit of updates to graphics from HeartGold/SoulSilver, this is a remake/update with the addition of MMO qualities such as trading and being able to duel other players. As somebody who bought Pokemon Blue back on the release day, I’m extremely excited about this. Anybody who is a fan of Pokemon should give this a try and be sure to provide feedback to the creators. Let’s just hope they can avoid getting sued by Nintendo. Fingers Crossed!

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