PVS Gaming: Worlds Inc sues Activision-Blizzard

Worlds Inc. has decided to take it upon themselves to take Activision-Blizzard Entertainment to court for infringing on one of their patents. The patent in question is “systems and method for enabling users to interact in a virtual space.”

This is a pretty vague description if you ask me, and honestly could refer to nearly any online gathering location which uses avatars. In 2008 they attempted the same thing with NCsoft claiming their game City of Heroes violated this patent. This was dismissed in 2010, after NCsoft buckled and paid them an undisclosed amount.

Now I first asked myself “But hasn’t WoW been around longer? Wouldn’t that have been infringing on the patent all this time?” To that my logical conclusion is yes, of course. But why would Worlds Inc. choose to go after Activision-Blizzard Entertainment now of all times? The answer is simple: Cataclysm sucked. They’re kicking them while they’re down in hopes of a quick settlement. Had they taken on A-B when they were on the top of their game, they would have been crushed. Now, they may get away with their lives. Maybe.

Via GamePolitics

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