Jeff’s Top 5 Games of 2013

Hiya Players! In 2013 I didn’t get to play as many games as I wanted to or for nearly as long as I wanted to. It doesn’t mean I was completely cut off though. Below are my top 5 games for 2013 based solely on how long I played them and how much enjoyment I got out of them. Now take into account not all of them were released in 2013, I just didn’t get my hands on them until then.
PokemonXY20131. Pokemon X & Y [Nintendo 3DS] – This should have been a given for anybody that knows me that this would show on my Top 5 Games of 2013 list. I was addicted to Pokemon years ago, somehow kicked the addiction but with the release of Black/White I got drawn back in. Pokemon X & Y did a fantastic job at making the jump over to 3D and changed the story just enough to keep it enjoyable. With the addition of online feature such as WonderTrade they’re off to a good start. If they ever get the Poke Bank going, they might just have an excellent product on their hands.

Ingress Logo2013 2. Ingress [Android] – Google’s MMO Augmented Reality GPS game really did a number on me in 2013. Using your mobile phone, it’s a global game of capture the hill; Key feature being you need to actually leave the house to go to the ‘hill’ you want to capture. It’s a fantastic way to get to know your city and though the ‘storyline’ leaves much to be desired the interaction with the community is phenomenal. If you haven’t gotten a chance to try it yet (it just came out of beta on December 15th) head over to Also choose Enlightened, because smurfs smell bad.


Fez Title2013 3. FEZ [PC] – This game caught my interest when first watching Indie Game: The Movie, but being exclusive to Xbox 360 I wasn’t going to touch it. That changed though when it came out on Steam; I pre-ordered it was was not disappointed. FEZ has an entirely unique style and gameplay that will leave the player sitting in a complete state of wonder and awe and simply being able to be in the environment. Combine that with fantastic graphics this game is nothing less than sensational. Though Phil Fish (The game’s developer) may be a drama queen, it takes absolutely nothing away from this masterpiece of a game and one of my most recommend games to all players for 2013.


ChivalryLogo2013 4. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare [PC] – I’m horrible when it comes to FPS and this game is no exception. However even with my complete lack of ability to hit the other team, this game itself is amazing. Ever want to take a medieval weapon and just duke it out with other knights to see who dies last? Of course you did. This online game is just that. It includes simple enough controls and modes for anybody to pick it up and get into it but enough challenge for those at a higher level to strategize. Add in that this game was built on the Unreal Engine and therefore boasts beautiful graphics and I was sold for hours of accidentally hacking my team to pieces while swinging like a crazy person. I’d almost put on the pressure 2013 was the first year an Indie made an almost-perfect FPS game.


A Link Between Worlds2013 5. A Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds [Nintendo 3DS] – Another year and another Zelda game. Taking place in the same world as the SNES classic Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past (my personal favorite), Zelda: LBW focuses more on puzzles and less on graphics which I think it feels much more like the series I grew to love and not just some Zelda that I used to know. That said, I found that too little had changed as far as game mechanics or weapons go which puts it lower on my list than one would expect. I can’t say if the SNES version was harder or I was just younger but even rocking the same number of dungeons as it’s predecessor, I managed to knock this game out at 85% complete in a weekend leaving me felling a little unfulfilled when the credits rolled. All in all it may have been a little higher on my Top 5 Games of 2013 list if there was more to it.

– – -That concludes it for my 2013 Top 5 list. FEZ, Zelda and Chivalry actually gave me a bit of a hard time to determine order. But at the end of day I had to go with innovation and enjoyment over brand loyalty. I was shocked myself. Honorable mention (in no order) go to Saints Row: The Third, Worms: Clan Wars, DuckTales: Remastered, Bastion and Little Inferno as well. These games were fun to play and worth their cost but just didn’t leave a strong enough impression for the top 5.

With that, we’re done with 2013.
Next step: 2014 and whatever it is that I do with that.
Onwards and that way ==> !

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