Extra Life 2014!

Hiya Players!
This Saturday, October 25th, I’m going to start a 24 hour marathon of gaming to raise money for Stollery Children’s Foundation. I’m starting at 7 AM Mountain Time and going straight through until 7 AM October 26th. But I can’t do this alone.
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In order to raise the money, I need sponsors. Just like every other type of marathon, it’s reliant on support from people like you! You can pledge on my Extra Life Page Here.

I’m also not doing this alone. With Team Awesome at my back, we’re going to do some good.

Right now, we’ve got a rough outline of some stuff we’d like to do.

  • Some Ingress: Claim Stollery for the Enlightened, maybe do the mission near there (weather providing).
  • Some Rock Band!
  • Guild Wars 2, because it’s fantastic!
  • Stream as much as we possibly can!
  • Some foolish actions to make people laugh!
  • Raising some money for Kids!
  • Other game type stuff!

I’m also going to throw some incentives out there (as if helping kids wasn’t enough):

I’ve thrown together a G+ Event for those who want to check out the official-unofficial schedule so far, and let me know if you may be around. Would be cool to play some games together.

That’s about it. I play games, you give money to charity. Everybody wins.

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