Saints Row IV Review: Late to the Game!

Saints Row IV CoverHiya Players! After far too much waiting I finally went ahead and picked up Saints Row IV on a Steam sale and boy was I beating myself up for waiting so long. Coming into the franchise a little late (Playing Saints Row: The Third, then Saints Row 2) I had initially missed a lot of the story line. I was worried that may impact the gameplay of Saints Row IV but I was gleefully mistaken; So if you haven’t played the previous games in the series you’re perfectly OK to pick this one up to start. You may miss a bit, but it won’t make too much of an impact.

Saints Row IV is the conclusion to the Saints Row franchise and in being so ended the series in a way that was most certainly a tip of the hat to its fans. Truthfully, I could almost go as far to say from a gameplay perspective it is the same thing as Saints Row: The Third with a bit of cleaned up graphics, more direct story and super powers.

Saints Row IV Let's Pretend AvatarThe basic premise of this game is that you save the world, become president, get attacked by aliens, kidnapped and thrown into a simulation. The game seems very unreal but ties itself together well. Most of the story is irrelevant, since you’re going to be doing various quests that don’t really demonstrate the impact on the story; Not to mention often times just seem strange if they do. The key to all these quests though is that they are simply fun to go through. It’s not created to be ‘super realistic’ or for those looking for a hardcore challenging game. Saints Row IV doesn’t take itself seriously and let’s the player have fun in the game, which is exactly what makes it fantastic.

In addition to the outrageous story line and the fact that you get super powers, Saints Row IV throws out a ton of pop-culture references that most people won’t always get. Take for instance a quest being named “Hack the Nation” (a throwback to the movie Hackers) and another being named “De Plane Boss” (a throwback to Indiana Jones); it’s just an extra little sprinkle of enjoyment when you realize “I know that!”

Overall this game just screams “Come play me, I’ll make you giggle!”. That’s an important thing to consider when choosing a game. The gameplay is well done and the sandbox aspect combined with superhero abilities makes it a great time-waster. I wasn’t a fan of getting the superpowers so early though, only because it made other aspects (like driving a car) completely useless. But let’s be honest: When are super powers bad?


  • Crazy storyline with amusing villain
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Super powers
  • Excellent references


  • Got Super Powers too early in the game
  • Game was kind of short

Saints Row IV Final Score :  9/10


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