Player VS SWTOR: A guide for Warcraft players (Part 3)

Welcome back Players, to the third (and final) installment of our SWTOR basics guide for Warcraft players. Over the past two days we’ve covered all the basics about picking your classes, species and crew skills. Not to mention who the strange person following you around is! If you missed them be sure to check out parts One and Two of the series.
Illidan Stormrage with lightsabers!

Today we’re going to get right down to the fighting and flow of leveling your toon.

  • Leveling/Questing
    – Heroics
    – Legacy
    – Transportation
  • Flash Points / Ops
  • Warzones / PVP
    – Warzones
    – World PVP
    – Valor Points
  • Social
    – Grouping
    – Guilds
    – Social Points

Leveling / Questing
Leveling and questing is fairly straight forward in SWTOR. The quest givers have little yellow triangles above their heads. These can be seen when you see the NPC, or when you are close on your mini-map. Turning in a quest, it’s the same triangle but the middle is green. If the quest is located in a general area (instead of a specific spot), there will be a dot on the map with wavy lines around it.
Things to remember about quests:

  • Do every quest possible. If it’s not a group, there is no excuse not to do it.
  • If there is a bonus quest, do that too!
  • Your class quest is a good outline of where you should be questing.
  • Most stuff you fight will be in a group of at least 2. Be wary if you see somebody standing around solo.

Heroic Zones
While questing, you’re going to pick up quests that say [Heroic 2+] and [Heroic 4]. These are most often quests that take place in a certain area of a planet that you need to group for. Think of them like open-world dungeons. Doing them usually gives you a bunch of exp, and good items. If you can find somebody to group with, give them a go.

Once you finish Act One of your first character on a server, you’ll be presented with the ability to choose a Legacy. Think of this as a last name, or house name. All toons you make on that server will then inherit that name. Whenever anybody gains experience in anyway, it will level up your Legacy level. At this time, you get nothing from it. But BioWare has said that there is plans in the work for those who spend time leveling it up.

While on a planet, you’re going to want to make use of Taxi to get from one side of the planet to the next. Planets are pretty big, so they’re wise to use. Once you get to level 20, you can get a speeder, but they’re not as fast as Taxi. Traveling from planet to planet, you can use a shuttle (if there is one for that planet) or your own ship once you get one.

Flash Points / Operations
Flash points are the dungeons of SWTOR. Unlike dungeons in most games though, they are not simply ‘go in and kill’ zones. There are quests and various routes that you can take within the flash point making it a group adventure. These are completed with 5 other players or companions.
Most of these can be accessed from within the Imperial/Republic Fleet.

Operations (Ops) are the equivalent of raiding in WoW. They can be run on various difficulties and with either 8 or 16 players. Unlike their flashpoint counterpart, Companions are not welcome on operation missions. Operations are done in wings. This allows a player to be saved to a specific wing, and join up with other groups at the same point at a later time.

Warzones / World PVP
The Old Republic’s current PVP options are limited to two main sections: Warzones and Open World PVP.

Warzones are instanced versions of maps where players are versus each other to accomplish a specific goal. The WoW equivalent would be Battlegrounds. Participating in a warzone rewards Warzone Commedations, experience and credits. There are currently three different battle grounds.

Alderaan Civil War: A king of the hill (hold-the-node) style battle. Hold the turrets long enough for them to destroy the opposing team’s ship to win.

Huttball: Is similar to American Football, if there was more violence. Get the ball, run it to the opposing team’s goal. Use the Huttball ability to pass it to another player. Don’t stand in the fire.

The Voidstar: The goal of Voidstar is to be the quickest team to break through the multiple levels of doors and get to the data computer at the end. This is similar to the War of the Ancients battleground from Warcraft.

World PVP
Throughout various planets there are Open World territories, where a player is required to be flagged for PVP when in those locations. This is pointless for players on a PVP server who are always flagged, but can prove to be a good camping ground for those on populated PVE servers.

Valor Points
Earned from PVP, is more or less PVP experience. It is earned regardless of win or lose, but you get more the better you play. Once you reach certain plateaus of valor points you’ll level up to unlock titles and eventually be qualified to wear higher level PVP gear.

Given that we’re all playing a Massively Multiplayer Online game, it’s a good idea to be a bit social. Grouping is a good thing, and will make this game a lot more fun. When in a group, not only do you earn social points for making decisions but you’re able to tackle harder challenges. When a decision needs to be made within a group, an internal roll is done to decide whose decision progresses the conversation.

Guilds are a good way of being part of the community, and will help you interact more easily.

Social Points
When you group with other players, you can earn social points. These points are used to level your social level. The higher social level you are, the larger variety of social items you can buy from vendors. This is similar to Reputation gain in WoW, except not limited to a certain group of NPCs.

That’s it! I’m done. With the information here, you should have a pretty good head start into the world of Star Wars: The Old Republic. As we progress through the game, we may have some more specialized posts on the more intricate topics including class leveling tips. IF you have any questions, any at all, ask away and we’ll get you hooked up! Until the next post, may the force be with ya.

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