PVS SWTOR: Why I Want To Love SWTOR, But Just Can’t

Star Wars Broken Heart Let me preface this by saying I really wanted to love Star Wars: The Old Republic. Honestly, I gave up my consistent weekly raiding group on Warcraft in hopes I’d find my new place in a Galaxy Far Far Away. This was supposed to be my own personal ‘WoW Killer’. Unfortunately as entertaining it was for the first month, I wasn’t able to find that. There are amazing elements to SWTOR, but it’s not enough to keep its subscribers. I don’t think this is just me either, as they’re not keeping people with end-game exceptions according to most sources.

My biggest gripe was with the user interface, which I’d ranted on before. Being able to play the game without it being overly and necessarily complex is a requirement to game enjoyment. They missed this mark. There are planned fixes to patch 1.2 (whenever they decide to release it), but I think it’s too little too late for me. I all ready have the sour taste in my mouth of this clunky, restrictive UI and simply don’t want to use it.

The second thing I ran into is feeling like I’m being drug through a quest chain. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the fact that SWTOR has individual class stories for every class. When I first started this was awesome. However, as I leveled I found I was dragged through a lot of it. When I got to the area that the quest took place, I was either way under level or way over level. It kind of diluted the epicness of the story line. If the regular area quests matched up a little better with the quest locations for classes it would make me feel more involved.

My third issue was simply gearing being a pain. Getting gear wasn’t really that hard, it’s the question about what to gear. There are tons of stats, and tons of options, and no direction as to what works for each class. Aside from the primary stat for the character, the secondary stats completely eluded me for a large portion of the game. Even the quest rewards seemed to be a variety of ‘pick one of these 7 possibilities!’, which didn’t work.

Finally, I just didn’t feel involved in the game. I didn’t feel like I was becoming a legend in my own right. I felt like I was just grinding another character by myself in another MMO. This could have been because I was coming directly from WoW, or it could just be that I didn’t find anything amazing and new. It felt like most other MMOs, but with lightsabers. Once I got over the lightsabers, I simply didn’t find anything that I wanted to do.

Patch 1.2, the next patch to be released, is supposed to be the ‘Jesus Patch’ though for this game. From what they’ve shown the UI will be improved, there will be graphic enhancements, more PVP and PVE End-Game things to do, and more ways to interact. Still no cross-realm PVP though, which still means you’re going to waste a lot of time in queue. I really do hope that Patch 1.2 is the Jesus Patch and fixes this game. This is the patch that the game should have been released with, not four months after release. I might try it again in a few months, but right now I feel more than a little ripped off with my purchase and won’t be continuing to play.

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