Player VS Ranting: Problems with SWTOR UI

Why is it that game developers suck so much at making a quality user interface? I mean honestly, this should be a top priority when releasing a game. If the player can’t do anything with the game it doesn’t matter how many features there are, how great graphics may be or what level you can get to.

Today I’m going to rant on SWTOR, because given the large sum of cash that was put behind this game there is NO excuse for the UI being the pile of dog shit that it is at this time.

Let’s start with the obvious: None of the bars are resizable or movable (with the exception of extra bars, which is simply on or off). Lolwut? Considering the large variety of display settings that gamers use, the fact that everything is locked down is pretty freaking stupid. Buttons and bars are tiny as all hell on a 30 inch widescreen monitor. If it weren’t for the fact that I use my Naga mouse for casting, not clicking the icons on screen, I would have dropped this game the day I got it.

Next let’s talk about the lack of macros. This is not an optional feature. If a game wants to be a viable alternative MMO it needs to allow players to use macros. If it takes me 4 click to cast 1 spell on 1 person then there is a problem. Yes, there are 3rd party external macro programs I can run on my desktop but these aren’t something that run specifically for SWTOR. A game that has the user doing multiple things should provide an in-game option to do so effectively.

To rant a little more on that: I can’t heal somebody unless I’m focused on them. Now be it, I’m coming here directly from WoW using VuhDo (which is g’damn amazing) where I can see click the raid frames with a modifier key and heal that person. This works like a charm when you’re raid/ops healing. Required focus for heal means I can’t be focused on the enemy and (because the bars are so tiny they make atoms look huge) I pretty much have to guess when they are casting something I can interrupt. This is infuriating when A) The animations and casting doesn’t fucking match up anyway B) The stupid companion AI isn’t smart enough to move out of AoE spells.

The last point I want to rant on is that there is no add-on support. I get the fact that BioWare is too fucking lazy can’t please everybody, this is why smart developers allow the use of add-ons so that players can fill in the gaps. However, BioWare obviously know better than the players, which is why their subscribers are dropping and going elsewhere.

Quite frankly, if patch 1.2 isn’t the be-all-end-all “Jesus Patch” I can’t see myself resubbing. The user interface is god awful. They need to make this game amazing right now, or this will simply fall into the category of ‘another shitty Star Wars game that didn’t last’. If I wanted to waste my time on pointless garbage, I’d keep face-rolling on Heroic Dragon Soul back on WoW. This needs to be fixed, and it needs to be fixed yesterday.

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