Deponia Impressions

DeponiaHiya Players! This week I was fortunate enough to give some new and unplayed steam games much needed alone time. The game of choice that got most of that attention was none other than Deponia, which I picked up from the Indie Gala Magicka bundle not too long ago. After a few hours with this fantastic game, I’m almost ashamed to say it took me this long to try it out.

Deponia is a point and click adventure game from Daedalic Entertainment. The game follows the standard adventure game plot lines: Protagonist starts off trying to do something simple, an unforeseen event happens and you spend the rest of the game dealing with it. What separates this game from most of those games is the cartoonist graphics, the foolish characters and comedic dialogue. This game reminds me more than a little bit of Sam & Max Hit The Road, which is a more than complementary. In addition to the comedy this game features some interesting puzzles to figure out without making it completely impossible for the average Joe.

Overall I’m liking how simple and thought provoking Deponia is, without the overbearing tone that this game needs to be taken seriously; That fact alone is a more than good reason to try the game out. If you like adventures, go get it.

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