Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

ChivalryLogoHiya Players! This year during Steam’s giant Winter Sale I was fortunate enough to get Chivalry: Medieval Warfare as an Xmas gift (Thanks Del!). Though not one of my better genres, I picked this game out because it just looked awesome. Truth be told, I’m horrible at First Person Shooters (FPS) or first person anything in general. In fact, anything fast-paced where I can’t get a good FoV I’m boned. But who can resist being able to chop off somebody’s head, arm and/or leg with a broadsword? I know this is why I got it. Hit the jump for my full view on this great game.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a new independent multiplayer FPS based in medieval times. My initial appeal to the game was the lack of guns, and tons of gore. I’m not an anti-gun nut, but at this point I’m sick of seeing games where whoever has the machine gun or sniper rifle first is the winner. Right from the get-go in Chivalry you have access to a large variety of weapons leaving the Player to the fighting.

Chivalry gives you four classes to choose from: Man-At-Arms, Archer, Vanguard and Knight. Each class is only able to use the weapon that they would normally use to fulfill their role in the battle. This plays a key role in forcing a team to add variety to accomplish tasks. Each player is given a main weapon, secondary, and tertiary of your choice from class selection; Then are thrust into battle. In addition, upon each respawn during a battle you can change classes in case your team’s needs change.

With the Unreal engine running at it’s core Chivalry has some of the most realistic graphics I’ve ever seen. Attacking your opponents you’ll see each and every hit they take and where – Be it a scratch on the arm or completely cutting it off, it can be seen and accounted for. The gameplay is also reflected using this engine. Unlike many FPS where you just need to shoot until they’re dead, you need to make every attack count in Chivalry. A player has a strength bar which will deplete as you cast various actions; Making every action you do count will be vital to winning a match.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare on low quality.
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare on low quality.
Though the graphics are astounding and the gameplay realistic almost to a fault, it’s the simplicity of this game that makes it appeal. There isn’t a ton of progression needed to play or enjoy this game. A player can jump in, join a random server, pick the weapon they like and they’re good to go. Additional weapons can be unlocked with different stat make-up, but not enough to make or break a game. An unlocked weapon may do more damage, but be slower or have less reach for example. Weapons are unlocked by killing people with the weapons you currently have available.

Though this game is fantastic, it can easily be said there is a high frustration rate with this game. This game can be hard. Very hard. Because the goal of this game is to swing true and not swing a lot, you’re likely going to die often without getting many kills when you first start out. The key is to find a weapon you’re not bad with and a view you’re good with (P will switch between First-Person and various third-person views) and go with it. I’m great with hammers, can’t hit anybody with an arrow to save my life (literally). The key is perseverance, it will get better once you get in your groove.

Overall I really like this game. Years ago I was really into FPS, but grew increasingly tired of shooters because there was nothing to it. Chivalry is a welcome change to the standard shoot ’ems of the genre, and though it is incredibly difficult is absolutely worth the low cost. I might die three times, but to getting a single decapitation it’s totally worth it. I recommend this game to anybody who likes swords.
Go get it now.

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