Most Anticipated Upcoming Games of 2014

Hey Players! With 2013 long over, it’s time to look forward to what we have coming out in 2014. Truthfully, There isn’t that much that makes my heart skip a beat but some don’t look too bad either. In no particular order and with no exact release date (because god knows they keep changing them), let’s see what we’ve got shall we?

Upcoming PC Games of 2014

Upcoming PC Games 2014Elder Scrolls Online: The graphics of ESO look awesome, it has gotten great feedback during the beta tests (even though they chose my weekend to work every time), and it is a fantasy MMO; I gotta give it a go for the sake of my ‘gamer-cred’.

Watch Dogs: Finally another Third-person, hacking-centric, open world game with just a little bit of excessive gun use. This may actually be one of my top picks of 2014, as I can see myself grabbing it on release day.

Dark Souls II: A sequel to what might be one of the most hardcore games of all time? Yeah not like I have anything else better to do than die, then cry myself to sleep…I’ll take it!

TitanFall: Honestly I’m not super-excited about this one but I know I’ll have to try it. TitanFall looks like a standard FPS meets mechs. That sounds cool and all, but I suck at both of those genres so it might not stick with me long unless there is a longer-than-normal single player mode.

Dragon Age III Inquisition: This just looks too pretty to pass up. I love killing dragons, truthfully I almost want to put it on my résumé as a skill because I’m better at it than some of the other things listed. I’m not sure if I’ll get the PC version or end up going with the PS4 version though. If my wallet is speaking, will likely be PC.

Child of Light: I’ve always had a soft spot of Ubisoft, being one of the few good Canadian developers still around. Throw in a new IP as a platformer from a developer I respect at a low price and you have my love on release day.

Upcoming PS4 Games of 2014

We don’t have a PS4 yet, we’re waiting until some decent games come out. Perhaps one of these will have us do so?
Upcoming PS4 Games 2014
Infamous: Second Son: Super powers, blowing stuff up, open-world and super powers? Yeah I’d say this is one of my types of games. Heck, it was the main reason I picked up Saints Row IV.

Final Fantasy XV: The graphics look great, which can be expected from Square-Enix, and the new combat system looks good but the amount of movie-time versus play-time in these games always gets me a little bored. Might be more for Sara than myself.

Upcoming 3DS Games of 2014

Upcoming 3DS Games 2014
Yoshi’s New Island: With the incredibly short list of games coming out this year for the 3DS, Yoshi made it on the list without too much of a competition. I liked the first Yoshi’s Island for SNES, and this looks like it follows Nintendo’s standard ‘well it worked the first time’ production standards so I’ll likely grab it if I have the cash on release day.

Super Smash Bros for 3DS: It’s Super Smash Bros, and it’s on a handheld. You get to pick Nintendo characters and beat the holy hell out of each other. I mean seriously, do I need to go in to how completely bad ass the earlier versions of this game where to paint the mental picture? Come on now! Expect me to pre-order this when a release date is set for this one.


Of course just because a title isn’t on my radar doesn’t mean I won’t see something and get it through out the year. If my ‘PayPal 2013 Summary’ e-mail tells me anything it’s that I end up spending a lot more on random games than I initially plan on.

So that leaves one question: What are you looking forward to this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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