Extra Life 2014!

Hiya Players! This Saturday, October 25th, I’m going to start a 24 hour marathon of gaming to raise money for Stollery Children’s Foundation. I’m starting at 7 AM Mountain Time and going straight through until 7 AM October 26th. But I can’t do this alone. In order to raise the money, I need sponsors. Just […]

Series, Sequels, and Remakes

Hiya Players! Like it or not, We’re living in the days of sequels, ‘series’ and sub-par remakes. This is a time where most games you play will have a number beside them, regardless of it’s a continuation or just the new annual carbon copy. More often than not, larger companies are going this route than […]

Wakfu: The Animated Series Kickstarter – Go Pledge!

Hey Players, Remember Wakfu? Yeah the game I went on about so long ago. That same game that is truly addicting and don’t really know why? Well there was also a TV show that takes place in that world. A pretty good one too at that. The Bad News: It was only in French. The […]

Jeff’s Top 5 Games of 2013

Hiya Players! In 2013 I didn’t get to play as many games as I wanted to or for nearly as long as I wanted to. It doesn’t mean I was completely cut off though. Below are my top 5 games for 2013 based solely on how long I played them and how much enjoyment I […]

Year in Review: 2013

Hiya Players! I know it’s been some time since we’ve seen activity on the site but I want to do some review of what we, or should I say I, accomplished this year as a player. Though we have a grand total of nine posts for 2013 I wasn’t just sitting on my thumbs the […]

GameBreaker After Dark Ep:8

Hiya Players! Quick note that you should check out the latest episode of GameBreaker After Dark Ep:8. For those who don’t know, it’s a late night gaming call in show which is pretty damned funny.

The show normally air on Tuesdays @ Midnight EST, but this week was delayed. In fact, I asked a question “Hey #gbafterdark ! If you could vote a video game character for president, who would it be and why?” (given that it was supposed to air on the US election night) and it got answered on the show around the 38 minute mark – Which is uber-cool. Shame this is the first week I’ve missed it live though, go figure.

Be sure to check out GameBreaker After Dark on Tuesdays, it’s awesome.
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GameStop Former VP Stole $2 Million

GameStop JailHiya Players! News Broke today that former GameStop VP Chris Olivera was caught by the feds for stealing over $2 million from GameStop. He accomplished this by writing cheques to a fake company called Cloud Computing, included with a fake representative named Jennifer Miller. Neither the company nor the rep actually existed. What shocks me is that he got away with this for two years while he was still employed with GameStop – That’s a lot of time to get away with breaking the law. Read more about GameStop Former VP Stole $2 Million

PVS Gaming: Pokemon Black & Blue by PETA

Pokemon Black & Blue Trading CardsHiya players. Today we’re checking out the latest ridiculous game by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals): Pokemon Black & Blue. This game isn’t your standard Pokemon game, since GameFreak had nothing to do with it. In this game you’re Pikachu, after escaping his trainer, trying to free Pokemon and spread the word about how harmful pet battling is. Yes, that’s right PETA is now trying to save virtual animals.
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PVS Voice: Colleen Lachowicz

Santiaga Colleen LachowiczHiya Players. Today is going to be a little bit off from our normal topics, but still within our realm. Fair warning that it does include talk of politics, but not really.

Our story today is about a social-worker by the name of Colleen Lachowicz who is running as Democrat for a position in the Maine State Senate. Colleen is in the news because her opposition is attacking her based on the fact that she plays World of Warcraft. That’s right, she’s being condemned for stating she plays a video game. They’ve set up an entire smear campaign against her, focusing on quotes that she posted on various World of Warcraft forums over the years. Most of which have been taken our of context. The primary quote that has been covered by the media has been:
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