…An Adventure Ends

It’s been a long time since I posted here last. Like, a really long time. The Internet has changed a lot since blogs became a thing, and they’re no longer a key player in information consumption. The introduction and expansion of social media killed that. When I first started writing, it was only writing. When […]

For the First Time in Forever!

We have a post! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here players. I’d like to make some more posts here, time and content allowing, but work and actually playing always gets in the way. How Rude! We have a pretty active group over on Google + though, for all your playing needs. So […]

Extra Life 2014!

Hiya Players! This Saturday, October 25th, I’m going to start a 24 hour marathon of gaming to raise money for Stollery Children’s Foundation. I’m starting at 7 AM Mountain Time and going straight through until 7 AM October 26th. But I can’t do this alone. In order to raise the money, I need sponsors. Just […]

PVS Playdate: July/August Schedule

Hiya Players! I’m proud to announce the next set of PVS Playdates, based on the fact that the previous two went well. If by chance you missed them, you can find the highlights up on Youtube (or latest will within a few days). Each event will be a session of couch co-op (or local multiplayer, […]

PVS Peeps Play: Dungeonland !

Hiya Players! This past weekend a few of the PVS Peeps came over to play some couch co-op of Dungeonland. We had food, snacks, good people and fun times. Oh, and we streamed the whole thing on Twitch! For those that may have missed it (aka most of you), we also went ahead and cut […]

PVS Gaming Weekends!

Hiya Players! Sara and I decided it would be a fun idea to get people together to play some games, and broadcast it on twitch so other people can join in on the fun. And by fun, I mean the idea of a “co-optional” couch co-op. The idea is to get back to actually trying […]

WildStar: Beta Impressions (Finally!)

Hiya Players! So I’ve finally gotten to play a weekend of beta on WildStar, and I was absolutely not disappointed. Before I get into what I thought of it, let me first throw out some facts about it since it’s not very well-known. What is WildStar? WildStar is a new MMO coming out on June […]

Why Steam Family Sharing is Awesome

Hiya Players! In light of the last post being mostly negative, I wanted to talk about something awesome this time: Steam Family Sharing.   Steam Family Sharing is simple: Give authorization for somebody to play the games that you own when you’re not playing them. One might think “Yeah, So? I just let them log […]

Series, Sequels, and Remakes

Hiya Players! Like it or not, We’re living in the days of sequels, ‘series’ and sub-par remakes. This is a time where most games you play will have a number beside them, regardless of it’s a continuation or just the new annual carbon copy. More often than not, larger companies are going this route than […]

Most Anticipated Upcoming Games of 2014

Hey Players! With 2013 long over, it’s time to look forward to what we have coming out in 2014. Truthfully, There isn’t that much that makes my heart skip a beat but some don’t look too bad either. In no particular order and with no exact release date (because god knows they keep changing them), […]